Would you like to improve the sound of your jazz program?

A/B trio can offer your students individual instruction on their chosen instruments and a better understanding of how to work together in sections and as an ensemble.  In addition to a wealth of performance experience, A/B trio has given masterclasses across the province over the last 4 years.  They also have a wealth of teaching experience in through Macewan University, the University of Sound Florida, and Keyano College

Improv Clinic Outline:

1. Demo concert and Intro: What is improvising? (15-30 mins).

2. Rhythm Section/Wind Sectionals:  This is where we cover the basics players need to improvise--scales, memorizing songs and their harmony, and improvising strategies. Rhythm section covers comping, walking, and working together as a unit.  (45 mins- 60 mins)

3. Group session:  We run this like a jam session, where the rhythm section and horns get together and play the songs we've worked on.  Everyone gets a turn to solo between 8 and 16 bars at a time using the strategies discussed in sectionals. (30-45 mins)